Magical Cornwall

16th August 2015

Well the time will soon be here for me to spread my wings a little with "Elemental Tangents" to introduce it to where the hint of an idea started to form way back in July 2006. Unfortunately in October 2006 an accident at work was to have devastating effects on my life, throw a whole curve ball of change at me and what I would be doing in the future. Out of the the unexpected miracles can be achieved!

Doors were certainly closed and windows opened when I decided to follow Dr's advice and get out of the stress and pressure of the 90 hour week I was pulling and SLOW DOWN!

I moved to Shropshire.

Wow what a lifestyle change. Cornwall had been first on my list of places to move as I do so love the sea and I have great friends there. However I also love my mountains. The discovery of the Stretton hills in Shropshire, plus the ability to be in Snowdonia within the hour sold me on moving to the West Midlands, rather than the Highlands of Scotland my second escape choice.

Since moving here I have been self employed as an Apple Mac artworker and landscape photographer. I'm involved with furniture makers, Jam & Chutney Artisans, alternative therapists, printers and designed the book jackets for a writer now starting on her 7th novel. I love this area, it's diversity, the quality of creativity there is around me. Here I have finally lived a dream, brought to life a conceptual childhood idea. Self published my own books! Briar Ridge Books a company jointly set up with a local author has published three "Visual Verse" photographic books I've designed using my artworking skills and photographic images with Hilary writing the poetic verse. Only two more to produce for our 'The Journey' Series which will then be complete with four titles. In Print "The Wicked Wood, Part One of The Journey" and "The Faerie Glen, Part Two of The Journey" "The Crystal Lake and The Mountains of Eternity, Parts Three and Four" awaiting release "Shirelands" our second release being a stand alone dreamscape art book, a coffee tables delight!

These books are fantastically full of nature, the light on the landscape and through them a kindling began to burn. I needed to produce something that conjured up the feeling of a very special night on a beach way back in July 06 a memory ago. For me almost another lifetime ago in my circumstances. Mother Natures Elements, her moods, her very atmosphere, her music all combined magically together. As you have no doubt read this finally came to me in October last year and has just been self published under my own company TnT-Photoart as "Elemental Tangents" with my own poetic verse and Stephen Paine composing the music, producing the amazing sound, a musician extraordinaire bringing to life the unique tangent of musical elements to accompany the evocative photographic images. Now the time has come to take "Elemental Tangents" to Newquay Beach, hopefully listen to the strains of her "Fire Element" being played out across the beach and surf as we celebrate her release where the tiniest of ideas began to form before it exploded into being on a road to Oswestry last October.

The other added attraction of Cornwall is to finally meet Royston James of Bras Kath Books. He and I have been working on his 'Ginger Ninja Tales' for a couple of years now and his passion for writing and publishing ideas are amazing. His knowledge of his subject and the market astounding, we have spent many an hour, in the wee small hours planning ideas, visualising ways forward, not to mention me listening to sneak peeks of his astounding science fiction novel 'The Book of Simon'. The Ginger Ninja is going to be awesome and I have adored designing it. I think I will be as excited to see that come off press as I was "Elemental Tangents" I have been working so closely with Royston on it. I was devastated to hear the tragic loss of Nero the "Ginger Ninja's" muse. Forgot to mention the boys a poet of amazing ability, I foresee somewhere down the line the possibility of a fusion of images poetry and music on the cards!

Really looking forward to this time where Bras Kath Books, Briar Ridge Books and "Elemental Tangents" all collide in Cornwall with the 'Ginger Ninja's' creator. Let us see what arises out of the collision of creative talent Royston and myself bring together ;)

See you all soon!!