Introducing Elemental Tangents!

20th March 2015

One night driving along with the radio blaring, on the way to see friends play in a local gig, an ephiphany hit me. So excited was I by this, that a late night/early morning email was penned to ask another musician friend if he would be interested in joining me. This was the birth of Elemental Tangents, the creative work of two artists Tracey Swain and Stephen Paine…

Tracey Swain, Painter of Light, lover of Mother Nature’s landscapes and the Elements, is finally working alongside LEGEND Composer and Producer Stephen Paine, to entwine her photography with his music. Together, Tracey and Stephen would like to bring the news to you and the Universe that 'Elemental Tangents' is now nearing completion and a print date has been set for the beginning of May.

This fantastic project has come to pass in under five months! Everything has moved at a breakneck speed. Magical Elements have indeed surrounded each and every Tangent of the journey. Tracey and Stephen truly hope that you will all be as enthralled with 'Elemental Tangents' as they are as they weave their magic to bring forth a beautiful evocative selection of Elements melded lovingly together with musical Tangents for everyone to enjoy.
Follow us for more tantalising tales, as we draw closer to the enchanted day, when the big red button is pressed, and the presses roll. For when muses get together, minds really do meander! We now invite you to meander along with us.

Blessed Be
Tracey and Stephen