Press Time

01st July 2015
Finally after what seems like an eternity! Which has in fact only been weeks, really this year is moving so fast! You cannot rush genius though and I am now very pleased to announce that Elemental Tangents was shipped to the printers today. I am expecting final proofs from them tomorrow and then the dates that our book will be on press for us to go and see printed in all its glory.

Waiting is not my strongest point I started to waiver on if I had chosen the right images and whether I had the right feel. Knowing Stephen was working to the images I had already provided I felt I had made the right choice, to change would be a mistake. Mind you we both agreed to change one image the opening to Earth! Stephen has produced and recorded some marvellous music and the tracks are utterly amazing already people have their favourites and I have I'll freely admit sat entranced listening to each and every one that has arrived with big smiles on my face.

Spirit and Earth were the stumbling blocks but after Stephen ripped the studio to bits and got it exactly how he wanted he found them literally springing from his fingertips and we were up and running again. Well worth the wait I could not believe my ears when I first heard them. When someone is working on images and writing poetry or music to your work it is always a surprise to see what others percieve from your imagery, how they portray it, bring it to life. Stephen has certainly captured my heart with his wonderful evocative music his perception of my photography. It is, I confess not music I would normally listen to as I am a bit of a metal rock chick. However I am enthralled with this and I find I am often playing 'Elemental Tangents' and each time I do another new piece comes to my attention.

I decided to send Kaboodle and Rowanthorn the music scores so they could play it in their shops so folk could hear it and get an inkling of what was to come. Imagine my delight to have compliments come back likening Stephen's music to that of Mike Oldfield, Jeff Wayne and Jean Michelle Jarre. We are both so pleased, thrilled to bits with such accolades before the work is even pressed to CD.

So now the wait begins. It won't be long delivery is scheduled for July 24th though I will have to work through the night if I am to get CD's Stuck in place in time for the local arts festival hand in. I am sure we will manage.

I will be writing news pieces as the production process continues and keeping you up to date with what is going on. Don't forget you can pre order the books from Rowanthorn in Oswestry and Kaboodle in Ludlow and Church Stretton for a lower price a pre-print price of only £12.99 in the shops!