Magical Cornwall
16th August 2015

Well the time will soon be here for me to spread my wings a little with "Elemental Tangents" to introduce it to where the hint of an idea started to form way back in July 2006. Unfortunately in October 2006 an accident at work was to have devastating effects on my life, throw a whole curve ball of change at me and what I would be doing in the future. Out of the the unexpected miracles can be achieved!

Doors were certainly closed and windows opened when I decided to follow Dr's advice and get out of the stress and pressure of the 90 hour week I was pulling and SLOW DOWN!

I moved to Shropshire.

Wow what a lifestyle change. Cornwall had been first on my list of places to move as I do so love the sea and I have great friends there. However I also love my mountains. The discovery of the Stretton hills in Shropshire, plus the ability to be in Snowdonia within the hour sold me on moving to the West Midlands, rather than the Highlands of Scotland my second escape choice.

Since moving here I have been self employed as an Apple Mac artworker and landscape photographer. I'm involved with furniture makers, Jam & Chutney Artisans, alternative therapists, printers and designed the book jackets for a writer now starting on her 7th novel. I love this area, it's diversity, the quality of creativity there is around me. Here I have finally lived a dream, brought to life a conceptual childhood idea. Self published my own books! Briar Ridge Books a company jointly set up with a local author has published three "Visual Verse" photographic books I've designed using my artworking skills and photographic images with Hilary writing the poetic verse. Only two more to produce for our 'The Journey' Series which will then be complete with four titles. In Print "The Wicked Wood, Part One of The Journey" and "The Faerie Glen, Part Two of The Journey" "The Crystal Lake and The Mountains of Eternity, Parts Three and Four" awaiting release "Shirelands" our second release being a stand alone dreamscape art book, a coffee tables delight!

These books are fantastically full of nature, the light on the landscape and through them a kindling began to burn. I needed to produce something that conjured up the feeling of a very special night on a beach way back in July 06 a memory ago. For me almost another lifetime ago in my circumstances. Mother Natures Elements, her moods, her very atmosphere, her music all combined magically together. As you have no doubt read this finally came to me in October last year and has just been self published under my own company TnT-Photoart as "Elemental Tangents" with my own poetic verse and Stephen Paine composing the music, producing the amazing sound, a musician extraordinaire bringing to life the unique tangent of musical elements to accompany the evocative photographic images. Now the time has come to take "Elemental Tangents" to Newquay Beach, hopefully listen to the strains of her "Fire Element" being played out across the beach and surf as we celebrate her release where the tiniest of ideas began to form before it exploded into being on a road to Oswestry last October.

The other added attraction of Cornwall is to finally meet Royston James of Bras Kath Books. He and I have been working on his 'Ginger Ninja Tales' for a couple of years now and his passion for writing and publishing ideas are amazing. His knowledge of his subject and the market astounding, we have spent many an hour, in the wee small hours planning ideas, visualising ways forward, not to mention me listening to sneak peeks of his astounding science fiction novel 'The Book of Simon'. The Ginger Ninja is going to be awesome and I have adored designing it. I think I will be as excited to see that come off press as I was "Elemental Tangents" I have been working so closely with Royston on it. I was devastated to hear the tragic loss of Nero the "Ginger Ninja's" muse. Forgot to mention the boys a poet of amazing ability, I foresee somewhere down the line the possibility of a fusion of images poetry and music on the cards!

Really looking forward to this time where Bras Kath Books, Briar Ridge Books and "Elemental Tangents" all collide in Cornwall with the 'Ginger Ninja's' creator. Let us see what arises out of the collision of creative talent Royston and myself bring together ;)

See you all soon!!
Gomer Days
06th August 2015
July 9th arrived bright and beautiful sunshine. Actually it was cold wet damp and chucking it down but in my mind it was an always will be a sunny day full of smiles and utter delight. I was off to see those wonderful talented guys at Gomer Press in Wales whilst 'Elemental Tangents' was going to be on press for a couple of hours. I was not alone for joining me in this adventure would be a very good friend, Geoff Ward of 'Geoff Ward, Film & Photography" himself a brilliant photographer/film cameraman. I had met Geoff some years earlier through my other books (Briar Ridge Books) he filmed an interview about us for County Channel Tv that had been featured on Radio Shropshire. Geoff and I hit it off immediately with our love of photography and since then have gone on many shoots together and I hope to help Geoff with his book when he finally pushes the start button on it. I wanted a film made of the day as I knew it could be fun to see how everything comes together. Geoff was the only guy I could think of that would capture the emotion and feeling of the day! Not just shoot a doco! You would think old hat for me as I used to run a repro bureau that produced plates for approx. eight presses one of which sheet fed an older model of the one printing 'Elemental Tangents' the others all web printing things like your Tesco Clubcard vouchers, Harrods Credit Card applications, NSPCC Donations and National Trust Memberships, amongst other things. I operated the first of the Creo Platesetters in the UK, the exact model that Gomer use was BETA tested at the company I worked for by me for faults and the like. However I never tire of the magic of it all, the thrill of seeing work come to pass, passing through all stages each and every one vital to the finished product. I guess it is my knowledge and experience not to mention pure sassy cheek that gets me the ability to press pass a job no other company would dream of bothering to do on such a small run, That and Gomer really are bloody marvelous firm that bend over backwards to help in all they do. My attention to detail however is and always will be perfection must be achieved or darn close to it. So I have press passed each and every book I have been involved with. Long may that continue!

We had a wet journey down and only just made it in in time for a coffee at my favourite Buon Appetito cafe in Llandysul before rushing up to the printers. As it was we were a bit early in the end. Typical could of had a breakfast. The cover was run first and it is amazing how fast 1500 sheets of paper are whipped through. It was literally printed in about 30 mins. Geoff was somewhat horrified at the amount they threw away setting up. I hastily explained the paper would be washed, bleached, re pulped and remade as paper. There is hardly any pure wood pulp used in print these days and quality of paper thickness has declined drastically over the years due to this. However we must save forests and use wood wisely.

It had been fun sitting in the library at Gomer going through the books looking at styles and paper choices for a children's book I'm working on 'The Ginger Ninja' with Royston James and to see Geoff change his mind about 7 no wait 8 times on what type of paper and style his book would take shape with. I think we are settled on a beautiful cream art paper now ;).

Then it was in to the factory to sign off the cover which was ready and waiting on press! Once Elemental Tangents cover was printed we had to wait for about half an hour for the plates to be changed on the machine. All electric now no sitting in a squat with alan-keys and rubber gloves fighting to get a plate of the machine in one piece and without covering yourself in ink. It was so quick and clean if you blinked you would miss it. The first sheets of "Elemental Tangents" were printed in under half an hour and set aside to dry. The next batch would then be printed so they backed each other up then the first set back on to reprint the backs. Least I think that was it? See I knew I should have written this all when it was fresh in my mind. Either way by the end of the day the whole book had been printed and I was one very happy bunny. Geoff had been taken pictures all day so I knew we would have some memories on film as well. Came home via Aberaeron, West Wales a meal and of course Sidoli's ice cream and a walk round the very pretty harbour admiring the boats.

VIDEO: Elemental Tangents on press

The following week would find me back down seeing the pages all cut and size and waiting for the covers to be applied. Amazing seeing your book inner pages on one pallet all stacked up

and the covers on another
Then a vast array of metal equipment that trundles into life stitching, glueing, binding, then all of a sudden your finished book is trundling off the end conveyor all done completely finished.

Smelling utterly wonderful of fresh ink and sealer.

The very first book has been put aside for something special and I will keep you posted on that but it is something very close to my heart just need to get together with those involved and sort it all out.

A week after that delivery was taken and then the cd's arrived since then it has a been a whirl of getting books to Stephen for signing and getting them out to various places for reviews and to stock suppliers already dealing with orders!

Elemental Tangents is now officially live as of 1.8.15 and selling via here and in several shops increasing all the time check back for stockists here. We are going to be working on advertising via magazines, press, Radio etc wherever and with whoever we can. If you own a shop that would like to stock it please do get in touch, likewise a magazine, radio or newspaper. Every little helping spread the word would be magical.

Again thanks to Geoff Ward for being there and driving me home when I was to exhausted to do so. A scholar and a gentleman.
Press Time
01st July 2015
Finally after what seems like an eternity! Which has in fact only been weeks, really this year is moving so fast! You cannot rush genius though and I am now very pleased to announce that Elemental Tangents was shipped to the printers today. I am expecting final proofs from them tomorrow and then the dates that our book will be on press for us to go and see printed in all its glory.

Waiting is not my strongest point I started to waiver on if I had chosen the right images and whether I had the right feel. Knowing Stephen was working to the images I had already provided I felt I had made the right choice, to change would be a mistake. Mind you we both agreed to change one image the opening to Earth! Stephen has produced and recorded some marvellous music and the tracks are utterly amazing already people have their favourites and I have I'll freely admit sat entranced listening to each and every one that has arrived with big smiles on my face.

Spirit and Earth were the stumbling blocks but after Stephen ripped the studio to bits and got it exactly how he wanted he found them literally springing from his fingertips and we were up and running again. Well worth the wait I could not believe my ears when I first heard them. When someone is working on images and writing poetry or music to your work it is always a surprise to see what others percieve from your imagery, how they portray it, bring it to life. Stephen has certainly captured my heart with his wonderful evocative music his perception of my photography. It is, I confess not music I would normally listen to as I am a bit of a metal rock chick. However I am enthralled with this and I find I am often playing 'Elemental Tangents' and each time I do another new piece comes to my attention.

I decided to send Kaboodle and Rowanthorn the music scores so they could play it in their shops so folk could hear it and get an inkling of what was to come. Imagine my delight to have compliments come back likening Stephen's music to that of Mike Oldfield, Jeff Wayne and Jean Michelle Jarre. We are both so pleased, thrilled to bits with such accolades before the work is even pressed to CD.

So now the wait begins. It won't be long delivery is scheduled for July 24th though I will have to work through the night if I am to get CD's Stuck in place in time for the local arts festival hand in. I am sure we will manage.

I will be writing news pieces as the production process continues and keeping you up to date with what is going on. Don't forget you can pre order the books from Rowanthorn in Oswestry and Kaboodle in Ludlow and Church Stretton for a lower price a pre-print price of only £12.99 in the shops!
Introducing Elemental Tangents!
20th March 2015

One night driving along with the radio blaring, on the way to see friends play in a local gig, an ephiphany hit me. So excited was I by this, that a late night/early morning email was penned to ask another musician friend if he would be interested in joining me. This was the birth of Elemental Tangents, the creative work of two artists Tracey Swain and Stephen Paine…

Tracey Swain, Painter of Light, lover of Mother Nature’s landscapes and the Elements, is finally working alongside LEGEND Composer and Producer Stephen Paine, to entwine her photography with his music. Together, Tracey and Stephen would like to bring the news to you and the Universe that 'Elemental Tangents' is now nearing completion and a print date has been set for the beginning of May.

This fantastic project has come to pass in under five months! Everything has moved at a breakneck speed. Magical Elements have indeed surrounded each and every Tangent of the journey. Tracey and Stephen truly hope that you will all be as enthralled with 'Elemental Tangents' as they are as they weave their magic to bring forth a beautiful evocative selection of Elements melded lovingly together with musical Tangents for everyone to enjoy.
Follow us for more tantalising tales, as we draw closer to the enchanted day, when the big red button is pressed, and the presses roll. For when muses get together, minds really do meander! We now invite you to meander along with us.

Blessed Be
Tracey and Stephen